Friday, March 5, 2010

Junior Class Play........

"I Remember Mama" was our junior class play.
This photo and write-up appeared in the Courier-News.
Pictured are left to right: Dolores Schneider,
Sarah Kirkpatrick and Diane Hecht

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    My late husband, Clyde Darnell, played Mr. Peter Thorkelson, who I was the undertaker in the production.The part of Thorkelson in the 1948 Broadway play was played by Edgar Bergen.I remember this play...the kids did a great job in portaying these Norwegian characters.

  2. The name Balisha in the above comment is my blog name...I'm Pat Cerasa...Balisha is Joe's nickname for me. Thought I'd explain.

  3. Pat, thanks for the reminder -- this was a very good production.